ABOUT THE BRAND: Glam Girl by Mahvish Saqib is an online Pakistan brand having amazing products at reasonable prices. You can shop their products from the website which is or you can just Dm them on their Instagram account they have amazing customer service.????

ABOUT THE PRODUCT: A few months ago Glam Girl came up with their skincare range starting from their mini facial kit and daily cleaning kit as soon as I saw it on their feed I ordered the mini facial kit because I was getting 6,7 products in an amazing promotional price which was just 1000 pkr ???? As I was already looking for some good facial kits I ordered that immediately and guess what I was amazed by the result ???? it gives my skin an instant glow and makes my skin so soft I never felt this kind of result on my skin before by having salons facials too and especially in the condition nowadays where you cant go to the salons what is more good, hygienic and safe than this to do ur own facial at home at such reasonable price (it’s still on promotional price) now they have launched it in bigger full size also ????the price is 2500 I have used the mini facial kit more than 5 times and am still having a lot of product.

HOW TO USE MINI FACIAL KIT: If you are a beginner like me and don’t know how to use it don’t worry the mini facial kit comes with a manual guide with the products which will help you to know about the products, how much quantity u have to take and in using which way u get the best results from the products.


  • Packaging: As the names say it a mini facial kit so it came in mini jars in a plastic box which is quite good for traveling and you can easily put it in your bag also.
  • Mini facial kit includes 6 main products and 1 gift product which is the peel-off charcoal mask as I am not into using the peel-off mask I didn’t use it but heard so many good reviews about it. Now moving towards the 6 main products here is my opinion or review about it:

1. Cleansing Balm: It is an oil-based makeup remover made up of coconut oil used to remove makeup or any dirt from the face before starting the facial. If you are not wearing makeup you can skip this step but I recommend it to use before the facial as it also removes dirt from ur face and u can take a Lil bit amount of it if u have oily skin and you are good to go.

2. Deep Cleanser: It is a water-based Cleanser that cleanses your skin deeply by removing dirt, dead skin gently, and gives your skin glow u have to use it with water and rinse it 1 min make leather and clean it with your facial sponge or clean towel.

3. Apricot Scrub: It is a water-based scrub with apricot particles in it which helps in removing dead skin easily. Do not go harsh on the skin when you are using the scrub as it will harm your skin do it gently and wash it off after scrubbing for 1 min do not make it longer than 1 min And PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY SCRUB IF YOU HAVE ACTIVE ACNE and if you have sensitive skin Please do a skin test before using it on ur face.

4. Massage Cream: Its an oil-based massage cream to use after the first three products for giving a relaxing effect to your skin especially after doing the scrub. After applying it to ur skin you have to massage for 1-2 min and trust me u will feel GOOD. It contains mineral oil, sunflower oil, and petroleum jelly which we all know are amazing for the skin and also helps in hydration of the skin.

5. Purifying Mask: Now coming towards MY FAVOURITE PRODUCT which is the purifying clay mask although my skin is normal to dry and clay masks are not really for people with dry skin as they make ur skin dry but it works AMAZING for me. You have to apply the mask and leave it for 5-10 min or until it dries out completely then u have to clean with a sponge or towel and GIRL U WILL SEE THE AMAZING RESULT BY YOURSELF.

6. Hydro Gel: It is a water gel-based moisturizer that is oil-free. It dissolves in your skin quickly and hydrates the skin immediately especially if your skin feels dry after using the clay mask. You can also use this product as a moisturizer to moisturize and prep your skin before makeup application.

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