‘Ready to make 4 billion doses of vaccine’: Company in Norway claims

According to a news agency, a group in Norway, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovation, claims that it is preparing to make four billion doses of the vaccine annually in collaboration with various pharmaceutical companies around the world.

The group is supporting nine vaccines that have been tested in different parts of the world, and one of its experts, James Robinson, revealed that two to three plants have been allocated for each of the nine vaccines.

Until we end COVID-19 transmission across the planet, we are likely to keep getting multiple COVID-19 “waves”— that is, rolling, recurrent outbreaks. While no public health expert has a foolproof crystal ball, this scenario of repeated waves means that the likely contours of the next one to two years are now coming into clearer view.

Right now, many countries including Italy, Spain, the United States, and the United Kingdom, are still struggling desperately to put out the initial fire. They are using suppression measures like stay-at-home orders as a fire extinguisher to smother transmission while urgently trying to ramp up their capacity to conduct testing, to manufacture and distribute personal protective equipment for health workers, and to treat people with COVID-19.


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