Hello beauties, Today I will give some basic piece of information about the basic skincare routine which everyone should practice because your skin also needs attention and care like other parts of your body but unfortunately most of the girls ignore it and they rather focus on makeup more than the skincare but let me tell you if you don’t have good skin doesn’t matter how expensive makeup you have or how good your makeup techniques are…there will be some things that you will feel like missing in your makeup and it will not look up to the mark until your skin is good and for that, you need to cleanse your skin daily which you do in your normal routine and then you have to cleanse your skin weekly I am describing very basic daily and weekly skincare products which are easily available in the market or you can shop them online with the comfort of your home.

Daily Skincare Routine :

1.Face wash:

You can get any face wash which suits there are many companies with different varieties of face wash but choose the one which is suitable for your skin, for dry skin use face wash with gel type consistency people with oily skin can used creamy face washes recently I am using glam girl by mehvish saqib foaming face wash and am loving the results. You can get it online via their Instagram handle or from their website.


Toner is a product in skincare that is used to cleanse the skin and shrink the appearance of pores, usually used on the face. It also moisturizes, protects, and refreshes the skin. Toners can be applied to the skin in different ways: On a cotton round, Or can be spray directly to the face

  • Recommendations:
  • The best and inexpensive option that I have been using since forever is ROSEWATER. It is the best toner u will ever have . Recently i have been enjoying the Saeed Ghani rose water and it works great you can buy rose water of any good brand or company.


After washing your face with any face wash that suits your skin or you normally you use you should always use a good moisturizer according to your skin type whether it is dry, oily, or normal. For oily skin type, you can use a gel-based moisturizer that will not make your skin oily or greasy. Some people might think that they have to use moisturizer only during winters but that’s not the case you have to use a moisturizer every single day whether its summer or winter for hydration of your skin. You can switch between moisturizer according to your skin type and weather but you have to use one.

  • Recommendations:
  • Nivea Soft works great on my skin as I have normal to dry skin my sister has oily skin so people with oily skin can also use it.
  • 24k Gold Serum by beautify by amna especially in winters as its an oil-based serum so it might not suit people with oily skin but people who are looking for good moisturizer you can go for it.


After using moisturizer use a sunblock whether you are going out or not its a very important step in skincare some people just ignore using sunblock because they are not going out as they don’t need it but that’s not the case. Basically what a sunblock does is that it protects your skin from the Uv rays coming from the sun it works as a barrier between your skin and the rays, protect your skin from anti-aging and suntan. Always invest in a good sunblock that protects your skin from damage. Use or buy a sunblock less than 50 SPF because sunblock having more than that SPF is not good for your skin.

  • Recommendations:
  • I only use The body shop Vitamin E Sunblock and have written a review about it on my Instagram account.


A facial cleanser is a skincare product used to remove make-up, dead skin cells, oil, dirt, and other types of pollutants from the skin, helping to keep pores clear and prevent skin conditions such as acne. After following the 4 steps , cleanser should be used at night before going to bed so if there is any dirt or pollutants are on the skin they can be removed. After that, you can use moisturizer your skin if you feel your skin dry. There are different methods to use face cleanser according to the type and consistency I prefer to use a cleanser with rose water just spray rose water on your skin let it dry a little bit use your cleanser and then clean it with clean face towel or cotton pad.

  • Recommendations:
  • Ponds white beauty cleansing milk
  • Cleansing milk by Glam Girl By Mehvish Saqib.

These are the 5 basic steps you should follow in your daily skincare. Now let’s talk about weekly skincare routine the basic 5 steps of daily skin routine should be same as daily skincare routine but it only includes more products and a lil long process than normal daily skincare so i prefer and suggest you guys to do it on weekends it will give a rewarding feeling too 😉

6.Makeup Remover:

I am adding Makeup Remover into this list because you don’t use makeup remover just to remove your makeup but you should use it before applying anything to your face just to make sure that there is no dirt on your face. You can use any makeup remover or makeup removing wipes that are easily available in the market.

  • Recommendations:
  • Gariner micellar water
  • Beautify by amna charcoal wipes


After cleansing your face with the cleanser you should use a scrub that exfoliates your skin and helps in removing dead skin with the tiny particles in it. But before using any scrub do a skin test before applying it to the face. DO NOT USE SCRUB IF YOU HAVE ACTIVE ACNE AND NEVER DO IT MORE THAN 1 TIME IN A WEEK OR IN A MONTH. Make sure to get details of the scrub you want to buy because the particles present in the scrub should be very small and precise not big because they will be harsh on your skin and can damage your skin as well.

  • Recommendations:
  • I only use the apricot scrub from the mini facial kit by mehwish saqib.

8.Face Mask:

Using a Face mask is my favorite part in skincare as it gives you a relaxed feeling whether its sheet mask, clay mask, or any homemade Diy mask it will help your skin in many ways. You can use face mask according to your skin type as clay masks are more good for oily skin but people with skin can also use clay masks as they can moisturize their skin after that.


  • Garnier sheet mask
  • Minsio sheet mask/Compressed sheet mask
  • Clay Mask from the mini facial kit by glam girl by mehvish saqib
  • Diy Mask at Home (Desi Totka):

Take 2 tablespoon basin (gram flour) a pinch of Haldi (turmeric) you can add yogurt, rose water or just water to mix and make paste apply it on the face let it dry and then wash it off. You can scrub it on the face when it dries down before washing it off to get rid of your facial hair.

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